Silpakorn University International


The art hub today known as Silpakorn University lies at the heart of the historic sphere of Rattanakosin Island. Silpakorn University, Wang Tha Phra Campus, situated in Phra Nakorn with its fascinating history, originally served as the place for undergraduate fine arts students within the school of Fine Arts. It was originally overseen by the Fine Arts Department and, in the past, only taught painting and sculpture for government officials.

Silpakorn University owes a great debt to Prof. Silpa Bhirasri (Originally known as Corrado Feroci) for setting up its flagship art school during the reign of King Rama VI. This art venue occupied the imagination of the people in the art industry during this period, and at last, in 1943, its status was officially upgraded to ‘Silpakorn University. The university didn’t only cater to art nerds or geeks but the remarkable institution with art-related experts promised to deliver genuine professional lectures to the students. The university, nowadays, serves the various faculties which look after the artistic aspects of the university, including the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture, more broadly called the ‘the Faculty of Painting Sculpture and Graphic Arts’. The following are the art-related faculties establishments ranged in order from: the Faculty of Thai Architecture (1955), later renamed to ‘the Faculty of Architecture’; the Faculty of Archaeology (1955); and the Faculty of Decorative Arts (1956).

Regarded as the best art institution in Thailand, Silpakorn University continued to extend its faculties beyond the existing ones during this period. However, due to the space limitations, it needed to to extend to the Sanam Chan area in Nakhon Pathom. Known fondly as the “the Faculty of Arts” the faculty came into existence in 1968 before other faculties took their place including : the Faculty of Education (1970), the Faculty of Science (1974), the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (1986), the Faculty of Industrial Technology (1992), and the Faculty of Music (1997).

The talk of the town when it came into existence in 2017, the newest addition to the Silpakorn family in far-away Petchaburi province was setup to showcase the regional extension under the name, “Silpakorn University Phetchaburi IT Campus”. Other consequential faculties such as the Faculty of Animal Science and Agricultural Technology (2001)— the centre for the veterinary and agricultural specialists-to-be— and Management Science (2002) where students can take the first steps towards scientific or other related career paths were also established. In order to catch up with international trends, the international program was not overlooked and was finally set up in 2003.

Silpakorn University now has its newest campus in Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi. Despite its remote location, Silpakorn still maintains its identity with various creative building structures. Visitors will certainly feel the sense of art representing a combination of contemporary and traditional once they step onto the campus. This campus is where the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has settled. In the future, this place will not only welcome more faculties with additional levels from Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree to Doctor of Philosophy but will also serve as a source of valuable knowledge to people in the local area.

Silpakorn University provides degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels It also offers various artistic spaces with art galleries, an Art and Culture Center, a Computer Center, a Research and Development Institute and other optional facilities and functional services.