Silpakorn University International

Message from the President

President’s message


Silpakorn has a long and distinguished history as the premier art and design university in Thailand. Over the next four years (2018-2021), Silpakorn will be striving to internationalise many of the courses we currently offer. Internationalisation is a core value of Silpakorn and crucial to the future growth of the university. As a part of the internationalisation of the university, many of our courses will be offered in English to international students. This will include many of our current undergraduate and graduate courses as well as many current and future short courses such as field schools, field trips and cultural tours within Thailand. We feel that these activities will not only boost the numbers of students but it will also make these valuable courses available to international students from around the world. An additional benefit of this policy will be an increase in the university’s international ranking, something which every university is very interested in. As the internationalisation continues, we will be publishing news about the changes on our website.