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How to get a student visa for Thailand

The student visa is called “non-immigration ED visa”

  • The application procedures will differ, according to requirements of each university.
  • Once you are accepted by the university, you will receive letter of acceptance which is one of all required documents for non-immigration ED visa with Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate.
  • Apply for non-immigration ED visa at Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country
  • Please check the information of Royal Thai Embassies or Consulates via
  • Required documents, fees, other expenses, and timing will be according to requirements of each Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate, therefore, please check information through the link provided prior to your presence.
    • However, there will be the following documents required along with other documents;
      • Passport or travel document (must be valid not less than 6 months)
      • Letter of acceptance and other documents for university
      • A photo of your passport Photographs
      • Filled application form.
    • Once the non-immigration ED visa is granted, you are ready to enter Thailand.
      • Please make sure that your travelling schedule will be during the validity of the non-immigration ED visa.
    • In the event that you are in Thailand with a 60-day tourist visa, you are eligible to change the visa to non-immigration ED visa within the first 30 days of your visa. It is very important to note that your tourist visa must be valid at least 21 more days in any case.
  • Within first 90 days in Thailand, you need to register and pay for your tuition fee. With a confirmation letter concerning the registration, you are eligible to apply for extension to the full period of time (1 year).
  • You are advised to proceed the extension as early as possible in order to prevent unfavourable events regarding this matter.
  • The extension can be applied at:
    • Bangkok: All campuses located in Bangkok
      • Immigration Division 1, The government Complex Commemorating His Majesty The King’s 80th Birthday Anniversary, 5th December, B.E. 2550 (2007), Building B, 2th Floor, Counter D, 120 Moo. 3, Cheangwattana Road, Thungsonghong, Bangkok, 10210.
      • Tel: 0-2141-9889 Fax: 0-2134-8228
      • Office hour: Monday – Friday from 08:30 – 12:00 and 13:00-16:30 closed on official holidays.
        • You are advised to arrive as early as possible.
      • Website:
    • Other regions:
      • At local or nearby Immigration Office/Checkout
        • Silpakorn University, Sanamcharn Palace Campus
          • Nokhonphathom Immigration Office

Address:  52/11 Moo. 2 Soi Rai Khing 14,Rai Khing, Sam Phran, Nakhon Pathom 73210

Tel: 034-318996-7


  • Silpakorn University, Phetchaburi IT Campus
    • Phetchaburi Immigration Office

Address: 189 Moo.5 Tha Yang, Tha Yang District, Phetchaburi 76130

Tel: 032-898191

  • Fees
    • Visa extension is 1,900 THB
    • Single re-entry is 1,000 THB
    • Multiple re-entry is 3,800 THB

*Please note that the fees can be changed by the Immigration Bureau.

  • You need to notify the Immigration Bureau every 90 days to inform your current address in Thailand. This notification can be done at any immigration office you are able to access. You will have to fill up and form and get a slip noting the next day you will have to follow the notification again.
  • Please note that should you miss the date for the notification, you will be fined 2,000 THB. Should this happens more than once or twice, you risk your visa.
  1. Extension of non-immigration ED visa after first year
  • Prior to the expiration of the visa not exceeding 45 days, you are advised to proceed the extension as explained in No. 4 and 5.
  1. You are NOT allowed to work on non-immigration ED visa.
  • If you get an official job, you will have to obtain Non-Immigration B visa. With the visa, you are allowed to work and study.

Link to Royal Thai Embassy