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Jul 09

Petchaburi IT Campus

Khaoyoi-Thaisongdam Cultural Center

Khaoyoi-Thaisongdam Cultural Center was founded in cooperation with locals and Khaoyoi local government. From wasted land, it has developed to
cultural and traditional center of Thaisongdam people and has provided a living to locals. Exhibitions are staged for tourists and outsiders. As well as homestays are offered for tourists to a deeper understanding of the everyday life of the locals in the real place. Inside the museum, there are history and evacuation displays to Thailand of Thaisongdam people, ethnic groups, houses, daily life tools, costumes, beliefs and rituals of Thaisongdam people.

Opening hours:

  • Open daily from 09.00 am – 04.00 pm.
    Free entry.

For more information please visit website:
Mrigadayawan Palace

This summer palace was constructed under the order of King Rama VI as his retreat residence. Exhibitions present his biography, royal duties, wisdom, abilities, and beloveds.

Opening hours:

  • Thursday-Monday from 08.00 am- 05.00 pm (closed on Wednesdays)

Admission fee:

  • 30 Baht for both Thai and foreigner adults
  • 15 Baht for children under 15


Chang Hua Mun Royal Project

A crop collecting center of Tha Yang in Phetchaburi province and nearby area. Dairy farming, egg farming, and dairy processing plant -sterilized and
pasteurized are included. Alternative energy from windmills, solar cells and biodiesel are being used here. Locals, government, and private organizations take care of the farm and share ideas and opinions that would correspond to the sufficiency economy established by King Rama IV.

Opening hours:

  • Open daily from 08.00 am – 06.00 pm.

Admission fee:

  • 20 Baht for adults
  • 10 Baht for children and students in uniform
  • Free bike service.